Nezih Çavuşoğlu was born in 1959 at İstanbul.  For many years he has lived and studied at England, Switzerland and U.S.A.  His devotion for visual arts started at his early years of high school. He spent the summer of 1976 at Paris visiting numerous artists at their studios observing and learning.  He earned his BA degree at New England College, NH, USA, Studying Marketing and Visual Arts.  He had the chance to study visual arts under Prof. Tomie De Paola, Farid Haddad and Marquerite Walsh.

Tomie De Paola, who is one of most honored colorist-illustrator at USA, had great influence on Nezih’s art.  Color theory and practice became a specialized key area for him.

In 1981 Nezih returned to İstanbul and started studying and observing Turkish Contemporary Art. Soon after he made a wide collection.  He was one of the pace setters of the time.

In 2007 a Catalogue published by Gallery Baraz announced Nezih, together with those few, as Patrons of Turkish Contemporary Art.

Nezih has worked as CEO within the fields of Marketing and Advertising but never stopped producing, studying and observing art. 

In 1998 the work he created together with ADMAR Advertising Agency received the Crystal Apple award for the most creative TV advertising.

His background as an industrialist, coming from the family and his well respected, pace setting efforts as a collector of contemporary arts puts Nezih into a very differentiating unique position as an artist within the Contemporary Art Scene of Istanbul.

In 2004 he was asked by RH+ Arts Magazine to become a jury member to select the Young Artist of the Year together with Prof. Cihat Aral, Prof. Dr. Hüsamettin Koçan, asst Prof. Ferhat Özgür.

Nezih’s works has been exhibited in various international exhibition at USA, Spain, Portugal, France and Germany.

In 2017 for the first time in İstanbul a Private foundation funded a permanent exhibition at a Gallery standing space dedicated to some of Nezih’s works.

The artist continuously visits major Museums and Galleries of the world and has achieved to create a very comprehensive library for Contemporary Arts.

Nezih Çavuşoğlu highly believes in the importance of Geographical and Historical codes of the areas he lives in. These are vital for him to reach a Global Format in his art.  He especially studies the cultural richnesses, colors, textures of the Marmara and The Aegean regions.

Many of Nezih’s paintings are in private collections as well as Cooperate collections at USA, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Lebanon, Egypt and of course in Turkey.  Nezih believes that; cultural richness and wide experience of awareness feeds the necessary creation required. The work must reflect sincerity, have the artistic values and aesthetics , tracable actions, philosophy behind the work and above all the artists own stand is what makes the work become a piece of art. With this philosophy in mind Nezih is creating works of art in his Istanbul and Bodrum studios.